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Wealth Management

Empowering you to live your best life

Wealth management is about far more than numbers and spreadsheets. It’s about that feeling you get when your finances are managed in the most effective way possible: confidence.

Your life and goals are unique, and your financial plan should be a reflection. This is why we approach every client interaction with intent. Through our CLEAR process we will truly get to know you and your goals, create the best roadmap to those goals, and then are right there to navigate through the journey, every step of the way.

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  • Education planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Banking and cash management
  • Income strategy
  • Workplace benefits
  • Social security strategy
  • Medicare and health insurance
  • Personal risk assessment
  • Asset allocation
  • Asset location
  • Concentrated stock positions
  • Stock options and RSU strategy
  • Legacy asset analysis

We review all policies to ensure they align with your overall financial goals and picture.

  • Analysis and policy review
  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Wealth transfer
  • Review and coordination of will, trust, powers-of-attorney, healthcare directives
  • Gifting strategies
  • Asset titling
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Yearly tax planning
  • Tax bracket management
  • Gain/loss tolerance
  • Tax efficient saving strategies
  • Education planning
  • Charitable gifting strategies
  • Roth conversions
  • RMD planning

A Process That Supports You


Talk With an Advisor

Who We Serve

Your Financial Life Has Many Unique Stages That Evolve Over Time.

At BerganKDV Wealth Management, we are focused on serving a variety of clients throughout all stages of life. Our advisors bring diverse backgrounds and experiences that empower us to serve your unique individual needs. Here are a few key examples.

The wealth advisors at BerganKDV Wealth Management work side by side with business owners to develop a customized financial plan that can grow along with them and help them reach key milestones through smart decisions and planning.

Our clients value integrated wealth management services, and more importantly, having a trusted partner on board to help them steer through the ups and downs of owning a business in today’s unique market.

Wealth today is not about flash. Today’s accomplished pre-retiree and retiree focus on the long-race, not the short game. They value convenience and service – where tax planning and wealth management are under one roof – and confident, dedicated advisors who understand the values and goals of their clients.

You’ve worked hard to achieve your financial goals – let BerganKDV help you maximize your finances and empower you to provide the future you’ve envisioned for you and your family.

Our clients come to us from all industries; some are corporate business leaders, executives and professionals from Fortune 500 firms who understand the complexities of wealth.

With centralized tax planning and wealth management services, our clients can rest easy knowing that they’ve outsourced a key component of securing their financial future to experienced, highly- credentialed advisors who only work with their clients’ best interests in mind.

Navigating life’s journey means some unexpected twists and turns of both joy and loss. The advisors at BerganKDV are deeply committed to understanding the unique needs of a client during these times of significant change, whether that is a divorce, a death of a spouse or family member, the birth of a child, and more.

In every situation, we lead with empathy and help guide our clients through these times with unbiased guidance and the goal of getting them on the other side with grace and peace of mind.


Meet the Talented Team Behind BerganKDV Wealth Management

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