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College Students - This Is For You!

The BerganKDV Xperience is an annual event built for rising college students to experience life inside a professional services firm, network with other industry professionals and students, and learn more about the internship and staff opportunities at BerganKDV.

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Meet Dave Hinnenkamp

Thought leader and CEO Dave Hinnenkamp, a 35-year veteran of the firm, began his career at BerganKDV in 1984 as our very first intern.


BerganKDV is a leading professional services firm that offers customized business, financial and technology solutions to address your most complex challenges. Our strategic approach helps you reduce costs and operate more efficiently across your organization.

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11 Steps to Keep Your Retirement Plan On Track

In challenging times like what we’re living through, it’s helpful to start by revisiting what’s most important to you, as this creates clarity as you review your resources and potentially have to make decisions about changes to spending and lifestyle. We talk often with clients about “FORM” which stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money. […]


Assess Your Company’s Tech Risk

Every 14 seconds there is a ransomware attack. Are you confident your organization's data is protected?
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Employee Onboarding Success Checklist

As an organization, employee onboarding is a critical process to keep employees engaged in your culture! Utilize our onboarding success checklist to ensure you have your bases covered for prep, first day, and beyond. 

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Trusted, Experienced Advisors Committed to Your Success

For your organization to succeed, you must make smart financial and technology decisions, plan strategically and operate with maximum efficiency. The standard approach is to engage with a number of professional services practitioners — including CPAs, business strategists, technology experts and others. But managing and coordinating the services of multiple vendors can become a business challenge in itself.

Our team of experts deliver business, financial and technology solutions that help clients across a diverse range of issues and challenges. That means an easier experience managing your organization’s people, finances and technology, as well as your personal wealth … allowing you to keep your focus on the things that matter most.

Equally important, we’re committed to serving you the Midwest way: with honesty, friendliness, accessibility and above all, trust. We didn’t invent any of these qualities … but we have woven them into how we do business in a way that we believe is rare in our industry. To experience the difference for yourself, start here.