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For growing companies, the choice is obvious.

Managing your company’s financials is the backbone of your business and is vital to the long-term health and viability of your company. Yet attention to your bottom line often takes a back seat during times of increasing revenues and growth.

Enter your solution, NetSuite.

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BerganKDV’s approach to payroll solutions is based on local service with dedicated professionals who know your business and understand your needs. Our workforce management suite, composed of payroll, timekeeping and HR makes it possible for you to accurately manage all aspects of your workforce through one powerful web-based application.

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We solve the financial complexities created by your success.

Financial success creates complexities.  BerganKDV is here to help our clients navigate those complexities. We marry the disciplines of investment management, tax planning, risk management and estate planning to help you accumulate, protect and distribute assets in accordance with your wishes.

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August 31, 2018 by BerganKDV Team
With the school year underway, now is a good time to review your charter school’s website to make sure it is in compliance with Minnesota state law. The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) recently released a checklist of ten things that school administrators need to review.
August 27, 2018 by Scott Meeker
Technology is crucial to the success of any business, underscoring the importance of having a thoughtful IT strategy. Because of this, small businesses must understand the answers to key technology questions before making sound business decisions.
August 20, 2018 by Rich Eckstein
Someone created a profile and was going to use that to eventually post something with a link containing malware or conduct some type of phishing. Since it is coming from someone you “know” or “trust” you typically don’t think twice about it. 
August 15, 2018 by Mitch Estling
When you hear someone talk about building new pipelines or wind turbines, they often refer to securing an easement or a right-of-way. Farmers and ranchers are increasingly receiving easement, or right-of-way payments for expanded roadways, pipelines, wind turbines, electrical towers and similar permanent improvements that have a permanent impact on the use of their property.

Because the sales tax code is so complex, there are many scenarios in which your company could be missing exemptions that you’re entitled to.

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43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses. Don't risk your reputation, your time, and your money. Get a complimentary FISASCORE and understand your technology security risks.