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About BerganKDV

About BerganKDV

BerganKDV was formed when three successful firms merged – Bergan Paulsen, Networking Solutions and KDV. Combined, our roots trace all the way back to the 1940s.

From our humble beginnings as trusted business advisory firms, we have expanded and adapted to now offer business planning and consulting, tax, audit and accounting, technology and wealth management services throughout the Midwest.


Better Together

When like-minded business advisory firms in the Midwest came together to form BerganKDV, our mission was simple – create a business, technology and financial advisory firm where relationships are the foundation for everything we do.

Our People

Our people are at the heart of BerganKDV. We may be biased, but we think they are pretty great. They are passionate professionals who, among other things, are: community stewards, football fans, and family-focused. In other words, they’re real. This translates into genuine relationships with our clients, focused on helping them meet their personal and professional goals.

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Should Investors Fear Higher Interest Rates? February 1, 2017 by David G. Sparks, CFA
Should Investors Fear Higher Interest Rates?
Maybe higher interest rates would not be so bad for investment portfolios and the economy. It’s a thought worth exploring as the both monetary and fiscal policy under the new Trump administration seem to be pointing in that direction.
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How to Select the Right ERP Solution for Your Business December 25, 2016 by BerganKDV Team
How to Select the Right ERP Solution for Your Business
Horror stories abound about companies who have selected the wrong ERP solutions or aren’t using all of the solution’s functionality, even though they paid for it. This is usually caused by companies not having a clear picture of their operations and goals.
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New Ransomware Keeps on Giving December 21, 2016 by BerganKDV Team
New Ransomware Keeps on Giving
A new malware, named Popcorn Time, has surfaced this holiday season and it comes with a twist. To get rid of the virus you can pay a monetary ransom within seven days or pass the ransomware on to another unsuspecting victim.
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The Long-Awaited Upward Hike December 15, 2016 by David G. Sparks, CFA
The Long-Awaited Upward Hike
The Federal Reserve’s rate-setting Open Market Committee raised its targets for short-term interest rates this month as many market participants had expected.
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