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Next-level support. Unrivaled protection for whatever comes next.

When technology is changing daily, you need an experienced team of experts that work to make your business smarter and safer day-in and day-out. That’s what we promise to do: help you take full advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology solutions, while also relentlessly protecting your business.

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Information Security: Relentlessly protecting your business.

Does your business have Fort-Knox-level security practices in place, digitally and physically? Chances are, there are probably many areas of your business in need of greater protection. Our information security offerings minimize your risk by first understanding and assessing your security posture, and then crafting a plan to mediate your organizations security exposure.

Security Assessment Package

Comprehensive security score

Get the full picture with the S2Score rating system to provide a tangible grade of where your security currently stands. This score considers many elements, including employee’s personal security habits, administrative controls, firewalls and much more. It’s a comprehensive, physical and digital look at your company that allows you to have a clear benchmark for mitigation and improvement.

Security Assessment Plus Package

Security score + invaluable remediation consultation

On top of conducting an S2Score analysis, our team of experts will guide you through building a comprehensive roadmap to secure your organization.  We help you prioritize the mitigation process to improve your security posture. It includes recommendations of internal checks, peer reviews and external exam results. This hands-on process upholds accountability and utilizes big-picture strategy to increase your security.

VoIP/Video: Where support and communication connect

We’ve all seen it: a professional struggling with technical difficulties trying to connect digitally. These technology mishaps aren’t good for anyone and can be completely avoided with the right equipment and support.

That’s why we deliver support with the best unified communication solutions possible to ensure the audience at the other end of your call always hears and sees the full picture.

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Meet the Team Powering BerganKDV Technology

Dan Roling, Technology Solution Leader

Dan has been part of the BerganKDV team for more than 20 years. He leads the team that brings the right mix of technical know-how and a personal touch to help clients solve their technology challenges.