Are You at Risk? Your Biggest Cybersecurity Questions, Answered

Security is part of every business and IT discussion these days and it will only become more intense as time goes on. Because cybercrime has evolved to become more aggressive than ever, it’s important to understand what puts you and your organization at risk. Below is a roundup of some key areas that can impact your risk:

  • We are our own biggest security risk. Over and over again we see the way we use our computers corresponds with our potential for risk. Even with the most current antivirus and antispyware systems, how we use our computers cost us and our customers the most downtime and money. Reduce your risk by only using your computer for business needs.
  • Emails from the outside. Question everything that enters your inbox, even emails that seem to originate from an internal source. Hackers are able to pose as someone within your company or someone outside of your company that you normally trust, leaving you vulnerable to disclosing sensitive information by doing what they request. For example, a hacker might set up their email to appear as though it is from, but when you hover over it with a mouse it shows Another giveaway would be misspellings in their email address/domain.
  • Malicious hyperlinks. Be cautious about opening links in emails. To test the validity of a link, hover over the link to view its web address. Do not open if it looks questionable.
  • Waiting to alert IT. Don’t hesitate to contact IT about anything that seems out of the ordinary. This could be unfamiliar pop-ups, errors, or general questions you may have.

When your network isn’t secure it can grind operations to a halt, impact your financial security, client data and reputation. Having a full understanding of how your system works is vital to uncovering areas of weakness. A system audit should be conducted regularly to help spot areas of vulnerability. Contact a BerganKDV technology specialist with questions or to learn more.

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