HR Actions in K-Pay: Organizations Are Eliminating Paper and Streamlining HR Processes

Human Resources has always been a part of the business that is pulled between needing to be a strategic partner and needing to manage tactical process-based work.  Most of us spend a lot of our day trying to find more time to be strategic, but the daily manual processes still need to get accomplished quickly and accurately.

That’s where the HR Action functionality in K-Pay comes in. Imagine that any time you have an employee or a manager filling out a form, instead of you having to manually key that information into your system, you could avoid that data-entry all together. That’s the goal with HR Actions in K-Pay. HR Actions allow users in K-Pay to process changes for themselves or for the people that report to them and then submits those changes to be reviewed and approved as necessary, no manual data entry required.

Let’s look at a frequent example.  Self-service direct deposit changes.  You don’t want employees to have the ability to freely edit their direct deposit details because if they edit them in the middle of payroll processing  you could have funds misdirected, the employee could end up with a live check, or a number of other issues.  With an HR Action, the employee can submit their account details, they can even upload a scan of a check if needed, and then those changes come to HR to review and approve when the time is right.  This allows you to still control the timing and the process but removes you from having to do the data entry, so you have more time in your day to focus on strategic initiatives.

The same thing is possible with manager-initiated changes such as pay change requests, position changes or any other action that you might have them currently submitting a form to HR to manage.

The limit of HR Actions is really only based on your imagination.  I’ve worked with clients who have set-up HR Actions for tuition reimbursements, leave requests, termination backfill request and more.  I really encourage HR professionals to look at how many times they get a form, or an e-mail or a spreadsheet asking them to update employees and think what kind of time it might save them if all they had to do was approve those changes in K-Pay.

Explore how K-Pay and HR Actions can give you valuable time back into your day. If you’re a current K-Pay client using the HR module you already have access to HR Actions, if you want to learn more or need help getting started, please reach out to support and we’d be happy to help.

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