How an ERP System Can Improve Your Business

Do you feel like your business model is being bogged down by manual processes? Are you experiencing business growing pains and are not sure how to address them? Do you find it difficult to pull accurate and influential data when you need it to make significant business decisions? These are common issues that many business owners experience and can all be alleviated with the correct ERP system. ERP systems can provide many improvements to how your business functions both internally and externally. Here are a couple of key ways that an ERP system can improve your business.

1. Allows for Sustained Business Growth

Basic functionality offered in software like QuickBooks is convenient when your business is starting out but lacks the capabilities to sustain your business as it grows, causing you to either purchase more systems or struggle to keep up with your new business demands. Robust ERP systems provide visibility and adaptability that simplify the complexities of scaling your business. An ERP system like NetSuite can handle the challenges that come with expanding departments and locations, handling complex financials, and venturing into new lines of business through advanced management functionality that helps eliminate growing pains.

2. Provides Real-Time Data

Companies using multiple systems to manage their operations often have trouble pulling timely data needed to make critical business decisions. Having a unified ERP system allows data to be conveniently housed in one place so that it’s easily accessible and accurate. Reports can be delivered at a glance instead of waiting on other departments to deliver information that is often outdated by the time management needs it. Quicker access to accurate data allows your business to react efficiently when things go wrong and adjust accordingly to minimize the risk of it happening again.

3. Automations and Integrations Allow for a Competitive Advantage

Modern ERP systems provide numerous automation, cutting down manual processes that can hold back businesses from operating at their fullest potential. ERP systems like NetSuite are also fully integrated with financial, CRM and e-commerce functions, which creates a unified system that makes tracking data simple and efficient. These capabilities help businesses be more agile in their industry so that they can easily react and adjust to marketplace demands. An ERP solution can also boost customer satisfaction through improved response times due to increased operational efficiencies. A high level of customer service will always be a stand-out differentiating factor between you and your competitors.

There are many other benefits besides the main ones listed above for utilizing an ERP system. ERP systems streamline your operational processes so that you can spend less time hunting for data and more time focusing on running your business. If you have questions about what an ERP system like NetSuite can do for your company, BerganKDV is here to help. You can contact us to learn more about the perks of implementing an ERP system. We also encourage you to download this white paper on why so many companies use cloud-based ERP systems like NetSuite to accelerate their growth.

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