Gain Traction with EOS® and Make the Most of Your Nonprofit Resources

If only your budget were the size of your vision.

In the nonprofit world, it’s a constant dilemma: How do you make a huge impact with a not-so-huge budget?

The answer: Work smarter, not harder. Do more with less.

What if you and your staff could show up to work every day knowing exactly what needs to be done to:

  • Serve the most people and make the biggest impact
  • Maximize your limited resources
  • Set big goals, hold everyone accountable, and give the organization major momentum?

It’s possible. And you can do it all without burning the candle at both ends and ending up in the fetal position under your desk (I know you’re devoted to your cause, but you matter, too, and so does your staff).

How do you work smarter, not harder? Get some Traction. EOS, commonly referred to as Traction, is a proven system that has helped thousands of companies do more with less. It was originally designed for for-profit companies, but here’s the good news for nonprofit leaders: EOS principles can be effectively applied to your organization, too! There are three major objectives in running on EOS:

  • Vision means getting the leaders of your organization – staff and board alike – on the same page regarding who you are, what you do, where you are going, and how you will get there. There are likely many different versions of the vision inside your organization and zeroing in on a single version of that vision ensures that everyone is rowing in the same direction. Focusing becomes dramatically easier, because opportunities and challenges alike are all considered in light of your vision.
  • Traction means helping leaders to become more disciplined and accountable, executing consistently to do things well and achieve the vision you have defined for the organization. When everyone is rowing in the same direction, and people learn to execute well, then your organization stops feeling the speed bumps, disruptions and sudden directional shifts that plague so many nonprofits because everyone knows their role in moving toward the vision.
  • Healthy means helping your leaders to become a healthy, functioning and cohesive team that balances strong personalities and ensures everyone is respected and heard. Any team can grit their teeth and power through difficult times but doing so is never sustainable. For your organization’s efforts to be sustainable and create real, lasting, change, your teams must learn to be open and honest, to fight fair, to champion the greater good of the organization as a whole and to trust one another enough to be vulnerable throughout the process.

I have had the privilege of helping many nonprofits make the most of their limited resources in achieving their vision. Through my work with nonprofits I have also had the good fortune of getting to know BerganKDV’s nonprofit leader, Marie Schmitz. BerganKDV has been running on EOS for years, so Marie has seen firsthand how it can help organizations improve.

Marie and I have teamed up to offer local nonprofits a free EOS workshop on Tuesday, September 24, from 8:00-11:30 am called EOS for Nonprofits: How to Gain Traction and Make an Impact. Join us to learn more about how you can use the EOS tools better help those you serve.

Click here to register! Please note that this event is only open to nonprofits.

Hope to see you there!

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