Fastest Growing and High Performing Companies Invest in HCM Software to Gain Advantage

When I ask a company’s leadership if they have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage their business processes like customer data and interaction, tracking leads, etc. I usually hear back, “Of course! It is an integral part of our daily operations and our growth strategy.”

But if I ask about how they manage information about their most important asset—their employees— only the leaders of the fastest growing and highest performing organizations will tell me that they are using a Human Capital Management (HCM) system.

HCM software is much more than a data entry and tracking system. Much like its CRM counterpart for clients, a HCM platform, if utilized properly, will help drive revenue for your organization.

Right person/Right seat. Here at BerganKDV, we follow the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) and part of that system is identifying the right people for the right seats in our organization. The Washington Post recently reported there are more open jobs than there are people to take them. This makes applicant processing and onboarding more important than ever before. Organizations without an applicant tracking system can streamline that recruitment process to get you the right people on your team.

Right data to make the right decisions. HCM software will give you the data your leadership team needs to make smarter decisions for things like hiring metrics, compensation levels and benefits utilization rates. Having the right, real-time data allows for immediate action to be taken to keep an organization on track to achieve its goals.

Right focus.  Increased regulations, meeting reporting deadlines mandated by state and federal agencies and other tasks that require accuracy without exception can be handled more efficiently using a HCM platform. This frees up leadership and others to focus on larger scale projects that can change how your company approaches talent management.

Right levels of engagement. Having employees who can serve themselves by utilizing a HCM plaftform is a win-win. Things like scheduling, enrolling in benefits, requesting time off and keeping track of the hours they have worked is empowering for the employee and frees up time for other staff who would otherwise spend time on many of these routine tasks.

The great thing about getting going with a HCM solution is that it can be tailored to where you are currently at and will scale and grow with you as your company grows.

Ready to learn more? BerganKDV can help you find the right solution to achieve your goals. Start here.

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