Why Desktop and Server-Based Software Applications Are Heading to the Graveyard

The below email was shared with me by a colleague using a server based software application to run their business.

Instead of pulling up a website www.gotomysite.com and entering a username and password with the most recent release of the software automatically applied, this is what was being asked of each employee of the company to complete. This is not anyone’s fault, just a case-in-point example of what relying on apps like this in your environment requires.  *Note – I removed the software names and references from the email for confidentiality purposes.  

The Memo:

Attention Team Members…..

You need to update your workstation prior to running the new version of ABC Software. Please read this whole email before doing the update!

Only do the steps below if you are sitting in front of a machine in the office, not through a remote desktop connection. 

To do the update you need to:

  • Shut down ALL programs you are in and do one of the following:

            a.  Start the workstation setup by choosing the Workstation Setup icon from the ABC Software group in your start menu (see screenshot at the end of this email)
– or –
b.  Start the workstation setup by running the setup file manually:

  1. Go to your Start Menu, click once.
  2. Go to Run, (if you don’t see Run, type Run in the search bar & choose it from the results)
  3. In the Open box type T:\wfx32\wssetup.exe
  4. Click OK.
  5. This should bring up a setup up selection box. Select Setup Icons.
  6. Click OK.
  7. This should then bring up a Program Group selection box. ABC Software should be highlighted. Uncheck the Setup Shortcut folder box.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. Click on Setup.
  10. Select “Use planning defaults” in the planner Setup Window if prompted and click OK
  11. The program should now go through a process and add all the needed icons to the program group you specified in step 5.
  12. The installation may require you to restart your machine if files were in use. If prompted to restart your machine, please do so.
  13. To add the icon for 2017 Tax Prep, go to Start | Programs | ABC Software & right-click on 2017 Tax Preparation.  Choose Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut).

If you have Windows 8 or 10, left-click on Start | find 2017 Tax Preparation | Right-click on 2017 Tax Preparation | Choose “Open file location” | 2017 Tax Preparation should now be highlighted, right-click it again & choose Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut).

You MUST run this workstation setup in order to use ABC Software. If you do not run the setup program you risk losing all of client data you are working on. (Run this program as soon as possible!)

It’s 2018!

In order to remain competitive in today’s fast paced business climate, businesses can’t afford the unproductive time spend on updating applications.

Whether it’s your payroll, timekeeping, human resources software, your accounting / GL application, your ERP system or a project management tool BerganKDV offers fantastic cloud options wrapped with experienced professionals to help you make the proper selection, execute on the implementation and even offload ongoing tasks such as processing payroll or bookkeeping that you do not want to retain in house.

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