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BerganKDV Wealth Management Internship Wrap Up

August 1, 2017 | BerganKDV Team

We were excited to catch up with Kayli Anderson, this summer’s Wealth Management intern, to hear about her experience with us these past few months. Kayli talks to us about how the experience has prepared her for life after college and shares advice for future interns.

In what ways did this internship prepare you for your future career in the industry?

I decided to do a summer internship because I was indecisive on what career I wanted to pursue after college. My time at BerganKDV exposed me to several career paths. This helped me decide what’s not great for me and what I truly enjoy doing. With that, this internship has helped me learn more than any class could with hands on learning and observing.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your internship?

I learned that even after college, everything is a learning experience. Things constantly change, and with that comes new experiences and challenges. However, it’s how you learn to adapt to these changes and work with other to perform the best results that I found is the most valuable lesson learned.

What advice do you have for future interns?

The idea of an internship sounds intimidating at first, but the purpose of an internship is to get exposure and learn. You can come in feeling like you don’t know enough, or anything (like myself), and that’s completely normal and great! It means you have so much to learn and will leave knowing more than the first day you walked in the door.

Kayli will be entering her junior year at the University of St. Thomas this fall. We appreciate all of the hard work she put in and want to thank her for spending the summer with us!

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