BerganKDV Kicked Off Fiscal Year with a Focus on Employee Wellbeing: Annual Event Recap 2023

Earlier this summer, BerganKDV hosted its Annual Event to kick off its fiscal year 2023 with a focus on employee wellness and wellbeing. The Annual Event is a designated time for employees to come together, reflect on the firm’s accomplishments from the past year, celebrate our people and set the stage for what goals the new year holds so that we can tackle them together as a team. This year, the Annual Event’s theme was “Power Up!” with a call to action for team members to “Explore the power of me to find the power of we.”

The theme was rooted in the significance of employee wellbeing and encouraging team members to discover and embrace their passions, share them with their colleagues and use them to fuel the future of BerganKDV.

To emphasize this messaging, the event’s agenda included three guest speakers who each dove into the importance of harnessing your passions and the incredible impact that can be made when team members bring their best selves to work each day. Specifically, one of the guest speakers, John Garrett, discussed the findings of his book “What’s Your And?” which he wrote about the need for professionals to share their “And” or the interests/hobbies they have outside of work, with their coworkers to establish a more open and engaging work environment and identify the unique skills everyone has to offer. John’s book was distributed to each BerganKDV team member to help reinforce his message as one our firm aims to carry out in the next year. In fact, BerganKDV has already encouraged team members to share their “Ands” in the signature of their emails and discuss them openly in team meetings so that we can all learn more about each other’s passions and talents.

A glance at some of the “Ands” of BerganKDV team members

The event also included branded communications, “Power Up” apparel, leadership video updates, special lunch-break entertainment from an illusionist and the announcement of the firm’s annual Core Value Award winners. These are team members who did an excellent job throughout the year embodying one of BerganKDV’s core values: commitment, innovation, passion, curiosity, and authenticity. Core Value Award winners and those who earned an employee milestone were awarded a prize from Blueboard, a virtual concierge service that helps gift employees with memorable experiences that promote relaxation, creativity and energizing. The following team members earned this year’s Core Value Awards:

Innovation: Jared Kuethe

Authentic: Shelly Barkes

Passionate: Dustin Opatz

Committed: Elizabeth Langeness

Curious: Brad Reiling

To round out the day, BerganKDV’s CEO, Dave Hinnenkamp, spoke to the firm about his main takeaways from the three speakers and took time to go more in-depth about his background and the life experiences that shaped who he is as a person and leader. Dave’s courage to sit in front of the firm and be vulnerable about the ups and downs of his life’s journey was a catalyst to inspire other leaders and teammates to share their stories so that we could start our year more connected and stronger than ever.

To keep the momentum around employee wellbeing going strong, BerganKDV is hosting its third annual REST Week at the end of August. REST Week stands for the four key elements of employee wellbeing: Recharge, Energize, Support and Team Health. The goal of the week is for team members to press pause from standard work tasks and instead participate in activities and training that promote mental wellbeing. This year’s REST Week will also tie into the messaging shared at the Annual Event, such as reemphasizing the importance of sharing our “Ands” with each other to better relate with existing teammates and make new connections within the firm too.

If you want to learn more about REST Week and what activities BerganKDV has in store for this year, you can read the press release here. Are you interested in working for a firm that places employee wellness and wellbeing at the forefront and embraces your unique skillset? Check out our Careers page to see what open positions we have available!

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