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BerganKDV Accounting Internship Wrap Up

April 10, 2017 | Angela Schwartz

We recently checked in with our 2017 interns to hear about their experiences in our accounting internship. They talked to us about how the experience has prepared them for their future, lessons learned and shared advice for future interns.

In what ways did this internship prepare you for your future career in the industry?

Julia Blanchard says the variety of work helped prepare her. “This internship gave me a real world experience in both tax and assurance services, and all the different ways in which we service the clients’ needs. I was also exposed to a variety of industries and clients, all with unique financial situations.  The most valuable part of my experience was being able to meet and engage with clients first-hand and learn more about the specific aspects within each type of business.”

Colton Steele says he’s walking away with valuable knowledge. “I have a better understanding of how much work goes into tax season. Even though I was not here full-time, this internship allowed me to gain a better knowledge from the tax side that I will be able to use for the rest of my career.”

Austin Lauck says busy season has challenged him to learn something new each day. “This internship prepared me for my career in the industry by challenging me. I walked into the office and was never bored or uninterested knowing that I would be working on something different each day, as no two tax returns are the same. This kept me on my feet and was always prepared to learn something new.”

What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your internship?

Mikala Long learned hard work pays off. “I gained a realistic experience of a typical day during busy season. It’s by no means easy, but it is very rewarding in the end.”

Jenna Kalin says she can better learn from mistakes. “The most valuable lesson I learned was that you are always going to make mistakes in tax. That’s why there are preparers and reviewers. The only way you can learn in tax is by making mistakes and learning from them.”

Abigail Larson learned that it’s okay to ask for help. “I learned that projects are more manageable when you ask for help. Everyone at BerganKDV is willing to answer questions or offer any help they can. As my workload increased, I learned that not only are the people here willing to help, they want to help because they have all started at the same point and understand.”

What advice do you have for future interns?

Celeste Heuer recommends they practice good time management. “When you’re working in a fast paced professional environment, you need to be organized and manage your time so you can complete tasks efficiently.”

Maria Hoyme suggests learning the balance between trying to figure out a question on your own and when it’s time to ask for help. “Sometimes the answer is simple and other times you just need a fresh pair of eyes to help out. I would also recommend creating a document of all the review comments received on prior returns and checking those before submitting future returns. That way the same comments do not show up multiple times.”

Makayla Abbas stresses the importance of relationships. “Create relationships with the people you work with, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Everyone is more than willing to help, and then you will understand the next time you’re faced with it.”

We appreciate all the hard work these individuals put in and want to give a big THANK YOU to the following talented people: Brian Cook, Julia Blanchard, Austin Lauck, Maria Hoyme, Colton Steele, Sam Kuhter, Makayla Abbas, Allison Popp (not pictured), Darin Hullander (not pictured), Abigail Larson, Trevor Voss, Adam Reineke, Mikala Long, Jenna Kalin, Celeste Heuer, Adam Vanderwiel, Sheri Senft, Alyssa Francisco, Yuqi Liu and Elizabeth Scovill.

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