7 Easy Tips to Increase Your Franchise LinkedIn Presence in 2023

Did you know that LinkedIn has over 675 million members worldwide? This makes it the largest professional network in the world. Additionally, 40% of all millionaires use LinkedIn, which speaks to its power and influence in business.

Still, less than 1% of all LinkedIn users publish content on a weekly basis.

The following 7 tips will make you and your franchise stand out and become a LinkedIn “One Percenter”.

  1. Clean up your profile
  2. Update or clean up your local franchise page
  3. Post original content
  4. Build intentional relationships
  5. Use LinkedIn events
  6. Engage in the comments
  7. Promote featured content

Clean up your personal profile

Keeping your profile up to date is a great way to connect and increase your visibility. Take some time to add relevant details, such as a current headshot, links to any publications or blogs you have written, and a summary of your franchise business.

Update or create a local franchise page

Your business page is a must. Be sure to include relevant and engaging content. Use visuals to break up the text, post regularly, and respond to any questions or comments you receive. By staying active and engaging on your business page, you can keep customers informed and build relationships that will last.

Post original content once per week

Less than 1% of all LinkedIn users post original content once per week. Not only does the LinkedIn algorithm love original content. So do your current and future customers.

Build intentional relationships

Identify your local celebrities and key influencers. Pay attention to what they consistently post and who follows. Then post insightful comments and engage with their content. This strategy is sometimes preferred over publishing original content to build followers quicker.

Use LinkedIn Events to host virtual events

When LinkedIn rolls out new and exciting updates, they reward subscribers that use them. LinkedIn Events is a relatively new update that is in its early adoption. While many still prefer Zoom or Microsoft Teams for webinars. Almost everyone has a LinkedIn account and can easily log on to a LinkedIn webinar or watch the replay. Virtual events are a great way to engage your audience so hosting them on a platform as accessible as LinkedIn to drive attendees is ideal to share your content and brand message.

Engage in the comments

The comments section of any post, including your own, can be untapped gold for community building. Not only should you post external links in the comments section (see side note), but you should engage with others that share similar interests or viewpoints. These engagements can lead to new followers on your franchise page.

Side Note: LinkedIn would prefer for you to stay on the platform when you publish content. If you are going to direct someone to a different website, blog, or Facebook post, it is best practice to put that as your first comment on LinkedIn.

Promote featured content

The featured content section in your LinkedIn Profile can be an excellent way to showcase your accomplishments and experience. Some LinkedIn “One Percenters” even use it to promote specials, events, or specific CTA (Call to Action) for their store. Most important, be creative and keep the featured section updated.

These 7 tips are the easiest ways to build engagement and increase your loyal following on LinkedIn. Staying consistent and clear in your messaging and tactics is the best strategy for creating customer awareness and loyalty.

At BerganKDV, we partner with franchise owners to up-level various areas of their business, from streamlining internal processes to tax and audit needs, boosting brand presence and more.  We would be happy to assist you with whatever business challenge you are facing.

If you have any questions about what our franchise team can do for you and your business, contact us today! Let’s have a conversation!


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