Inflation and an Economic Outlook with Derek Hoyt and David Peyton

For this episode of Up and Adam, Adam is joined by Derek Hoyt, Chief Investment Officer at the firm and David Peyton, a Portfolio Analyst at the firm. The group discusses a wide array of topics revolved around the frequent questions they are asked by clients, including inflation, the economy, the state of the markets and how BerganKDV takes these factors into account in our portfolios.

To kick start their conversation, Adam asks the two about their perspective on where the economy is sitting currently and the state of the current market. David talks about how the market is rebounding as compared to where it was at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, especially with the COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out. He also emphasizes that while the overall market is stable and supportive of equities as of now, that the main risk driver of potential volatility is stemming from of inflation and changes in federal policies. The conversation is then transitioned to the booming of the housing market, even with the increased prices of materials. Adam asks the group for their views on the housing market and if they suspect it to slow down any time soon. They talk about the key differences in the housing market today as compared to the 2007-2009 recession.

After discussing the markets, they shift gears and dive back into inflation metrics and how it will be impacted as unemployment benefits start to wear off and people start returning to the workforce. Derek discusses how differently the government printed additional funds due to the pandemic through stimulus packages as compared to the recession in 2007-2009 and what that means for the markets. For the remainder of the episode, Derek and David discuss the daily processes of the Wealth Management team at BerganKDV and how they execute their allocation strategies and maintain portfolios to account for market expectations.

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