Helping your organization grow and thrive.

Nonprofit organizations impact communities in many amazing ways. The work performed by nonprofits embody the best a community has to offer by providing charitable and life-saving services to those in need, educating communities and feeding people both physically and spiritually. Since nonprofit organizations serve others using funds contributed by donors and are exempt from paying income tax, you are held accountable to your donors, the federal government and other regulatory agencies.


Helping Tell Your Story

Nonprofit organizations have a fiduciary duty to use income from contributions in responsible ways. BerganKDV can help you tell your story through your financials to increase understanding and support.

Experienced and Dedicated Staff 

The BerganKDV nonprofit team works with more than 250 nonprofit organizations, participates in and speaks at professional conferences and serves as board members and volunteers for a variety of nonprofit organizations in the communities where they live.

Financial Assessments and Audits

We believe that clear and shared strategic direction, priorities and goals are the foundation for building a high functioning organization. Our assessment can be the starting point for dialogue and exploration by your board and staff to help strengthen your financial foundation and support of your mission.

Nonprofit Lifecycle 

Our team is on hand to help nonprofits no matter where you are in your development, from start-up to annual regulatory reporting, we have experience in all stages of a nonprofit’s lifecycle and can help you navigate the red tape to help your organization grow and thrive.

Seminars and Free Consultation Sessions

The nonprofit community has long embraced the collaborative spirit of sharing resources and knowledge; we share the belief that nonprofit organizations following best practices will foster a sustainable nonprofit community.


We're in this together.

Our approach is based on a firm understanding of the nonprofit industry. View our industry guide to learn more.