Energy Study Results Pay Off

Energy Study Results Pay Off
“By having the study completed, we were able to increase our exemption amount and create additional monthly savings.”
// Kevin R. Harberts,
President / CEO, Kryton Engineered Metals

Kryton Engineered Metals is a leading manufacturer of spun metal component and fabrication parts. Our primary focus is on being a solution provider for our customers’ problems and maintaining a relentless pursuit of excellence. In that pursuit we had the opportunity to partner with BerganKDV and take advantage of their unique State and Local Tax practice.

Part of their offering is an energy study which we chose to move forward with because we wanted to take advantage of the sales tax exemptions for utilities we use for manufacturing and processing purposes.

By having the study completed, we were able to increase our exemption amount from 53.78% to 69.82%. This has created an additional monthly savings of about $125. We were also able to go back a couple of years and get a refund of just over $4,000.

Many times as owners we miss out on opportunities like these because we are focused on working in the business versus working on the business. I’m grateful for partners like BerganKDV who bring thoughtful recommendations that are going to better our business.

I not only recommend having an energy study completed, I recommend partnering with the team of experts at BerganKDV. Thanks to them, we are saving more than $550 per month at a minimal cost with immediate results!


Here’s to the doers who are making a difference in their organization!



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