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Technology Services

Technology solutions that work.

Technology is the foundation of many businesses these days. When running well, it keeps the core of your business running efficiently. When not running well, it’s important that you have a partner who understands your business.

At BerganKDV, we take the job of keeping technology running smoothly, seriously! When you work with us, you’ll quickly realize that we don’t just fix a problem – we become long-term partners in your future.

For immediate technical assistance, please call our help desk:
Iowa: 888-356-2295
Minnesota: 866-400-6426

Technology Services

Technology Services

Cyber securityCyber Security

It’s easy to think “it can’t happen to us,” but cyber threats are getting more sophisticated and wide-spread.

Phone & VideoVoIP/Video Solutions

When it comes to business, connecting with people is crucial.

Cloud ComputingCloud Computing

If your company struggles with email and project management, you know how important it is to find efficiencies within your business.

Enterprise Resource PlanningEnterprise Resource Planning

NetSuite is the first and only single integrated cloud platform for CRM, Accounting/ERP and Ecommerce.

IT ConsultingIT Consulting

BerganKDV technology experts will work with you to identify future needs, assist you in developing a plan and help you reach your goals.

Managed ServicesManaged Services

Along with emergency and help desk support, we have a program of ongoing maintenance to ensure that problems never happen in the first place.

Mobile device managementMobile Device Management

BerganKDV’s mobile device management solutions can help you deploy and manage a large volume of mobile devices for your business.

Network Design & ImplementationNetwork Design & Implementation

At the core of your business is your network, and at the core of our business is helping to design and protect that network.

Hardware SoftwareHardware & Software

Whether you’re installing or expanding a network, integrating new products and systems or simply expanding your current capabilities, we can help.

Are you ready to make technology work for you?

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