The Psychology of Investing 

The Psychology of Investing 

Have you ever wondered the “why” behind your financial decision-making? Money is a personal topic upon which many people have differing opinions. This variety of opinions stems from the deep relationship that money and finances have with our individual psyches. Join our BerganKDV Wealth Management team with special guest Derek Hagen in this on-demand webinar as we discuss the ties between financial planning and psychology. You’ll gain a deeper perspective on how financial decisions are made and may even change how you approach them in the future.

The session covers the following:

  • The psychology of money & investing
  • Why we think about money differently
  • Why we all view market volatility differently
  • The behaviors we are naturally inclined to exhibit as human beings (irrational) vs. the behaviors that are the smarter choice (rational)
  • Our natural biases surrounding money & investing decisions



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DATE: September 22, 2022
TIME: 01:30 pm - 02:30 pm
PRESENTER: Thomas Pargett, MBA, FBS®, CFP® // Managing Director, Ian O'Brien // Senior Educational Specialist, Derek Hagen // Financial Therapist and Founder of Money Health Solutions

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