Bridging Human Capital Management (HCM) & Business Reporting Gaps with Analytics

Bridging Human Capital Management (HCM) & Business Reporting Gaps with Analytics

Did you know that HCM reporting supports HR and its internal stakeholders in making evidence-based decisions for better strategic planning? By routinely tracking and evaluating business analytics at your organization, you can help plan more effectively and address reporting gaps. Watch on-demand as the BerganKDV team discusses the power of business intelligence and analytics (BIA) and how tracking key metrics can optimize your HCM reporting processes.

The session covers the following:

  • The advisory side of business analytics
  • How business analytics can guide your business planning
  • Aggregation of data from popular payroll applications including UKG
  • How to determine which metrics are most important to your organization
  • Important HCM KPIs
  • Commission reporting
  • And more!

If you have questions about how to effectively use data insights to drive HCM reporting and decisions, BerganKDV can help. Contact us today to learn more about our Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) solutions.

DATE: November 8, 2022
TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
PRESENTER: Matthew West // Director of Financial Accounting Advisory Specialist Team (FAAST) Sales and Laura Gebauer // Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics

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