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Welcome to BerganKDV Investment Management

We provide a unique blend of professionally managed and customizable investment solutions. We constantly evaluate our portfolio offerings to ensure we are maintaining the most comprehensive investment products in the marketplace. Our continuous review process allows us to stay abreast of the market and create opportunities to serve both individuals and institutions.

Sustainable strategies.  Sustainable investors.  Investing success.


To provide our clients with fundamentally sound investment strategies that are examined through both real world application and academic evaluation. These strategies serve as building blocks to create customized portfolios, allowing for the creation of investment strategies that are unique and specific to the investor’s individual needs.


History has shown that any number of different investment strategies can successfully extract return from the marketplace. What is constant, though, is the essential and steadfast adherence to the particular chosen process through time (discipline and patience). In its most basic form, an investment manager’s job is nothing more than to execute a strategic investment process that produces the highest likelihood of achieving a desired investment result.


Understanding that there is no singular best way to invest, we believe investments are building blocks to be selected and organized to create the most suitable investment structure to meet clients’ needs. The investment universe is dynamic and in constant flux; we seek to use traditional time tested strategies while also adopting new approaches that can complement those already in place.

Our Strategy

Our Process

Quality Focused Portfolios – Equity
Our QFP’s follow a quality factor approach, where we look to isolate those stocks that exhibit quality characteristics related to profitability,growth and relative value. These metrics include high return on equity, low financial leverage and consistent cash flow.  From that group, we concentrate on our best ideas to create each portfolio specific to its targeted behavior profile.
Quality Focused Portfolios – Bond
Our QFP’s follow a quality factor approach, where we look to isolate the universe of diversified bond securities that possess the best available credit quality and most appropriate interest rate profile for whichever segments of the market we wish to gain exposure. Our macro analysis defines positioning preferences, which then precipitates the quality security selection process and the construction of the portfolio.

Market Notes & Insights

Our Investment Management Team

Derek Hoyt, CFA

D Peyton

David Peyton, Portfolio Analyst

Todd Henningsen

Todd Henningson, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Shannon Nies, Account Specialist

Nicholas Tilli 2

Nick Tilli, CFP®
Portfolio Manager

T Ronning

Tim Ronning, CFP®


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