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Cloud Computing: Don’t Be Left Behind.

Cloud computing is now a proven, mainstream alternative for small and medium sized companies. Take advantage of technology and pricing improvements available by moving your information to the cloud.

Resilience without redundancy

When you run your own servers, you buy more hardware than you need in case of failure. In extreme cases, you need to duplicate everything. Having spare hardware lying idle, “just in case,” is an expensive way to maximize uptime.

Lower energy costs

The cost of electricity to power and cool a server over its useful lifetime will exceed the acquisition cost of the server.

Greater flexibility

These days, even more than saving money, small companies need to know that they can scale up their operations quickly to meet greater usage needs, and scale down just as quickly if resources are going unused. A cloud architecture makes it easier to do this because specific applications no longer need specific physical servers to run.

Business continuity

With cloud services enabling employees to work from almost any location, an on-premise IT disaster will not have the severity of implications it could otherwise. Many employees will be able to carry on working from another location, given that they can access the tools and solutions they need over the internet. So even if there is a fire, flood, theft or technology outage, it will be possible to keep functioning normally.


Cloud computing providers’ reputations are built on providing secure, constantly available services to their customers. As such, they invest significant amounts of money securing their servers, data centers and connections, which has a positive knock-on effect to other users. Individual companies may not be able to spend thousands of dollars on IT security, but as a cloud user, they benefit from economies of scale.


Cloud Assessment

Interested in seeing what your business looks like in the cloud? BerganKDV can analyze your organization and discuss the right cloud strategy to bring efficiency to your business.