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Sales and Use Tax

Sales and use tax compliance is complicated and changes every year in every state.

Simple errors in compliance can result in thousands of dollars in additional costs. Our Sales and Use Tax team brings indepth, specialized knowledge of sales tax compliance across all 50 states.

Many states have recently changed their state sales tax code. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Have you ever had a sales and use tax compliance review done at your company? State sales tax laws are ever changing along with the exemptions. If you have never had an internal compliance review done, then there is likely overpaid or underpaid sales and use tax due.
  • Do you file a quarterly use tax return? Use tax is due where sales tax is not charged but should have been. Many times a company feels that since the vendor did not charge sales tax, they must not be required to pay it. This is not the case and in fact, there are individual forms outside of the standard sales tax certificate that are supposed to be filed. The use tax certificate, when filed quarterly and consistently, will limit audit exposure. If there is no use tax return being filed quarterly and consistently then the audit exposure period is indefinite, although usually limited to a ten year look back
  • How often do you review compliance rules in the states you operate in to ensure compliance? You may be missing new exemptions and potentially operating under old ones which would create exposure.
  • Have you ever received a refund check from the state based on your sales and use tax compliance review? Hundreds of companies a year get state refunds based on overpaid sales tax. Our compliance review will show whether or not you should be receiving a refund and if you are gaining every exemption possible


Our Process:

Because of the complexity of the sales tax code, there are many scenarios in which an organization could be missing exemptions that they are entitled to. Our process includes a compliance review as well as a deep dive into accounts payable and receivable to reveal both exposure and opportunities that should be taken advantage. The results include best practices to be used moving forward as well as the opportunity for refunds of overpaid sales tax.  Learn more about our process in how we helped one client through sales and use tax complexities. 

Learn to Play by the Rules

Because the sales tax code is so complex, there are many scenarios in which your company could be missing exemptions that you’re entitled to.

Chris Gallo leads our sales and use tax team. He brings 17 years sales and use tax experience including working for the U.S. House of Representatives, working in private industry dealing with sales and use tax issues, and he has owned his own sales and use tax consulting practice.

Contact Chris Gallo at or 515.697.4525 to discuss further.