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Are you looking for someone to help you turn your personal success into enduring financial wealth?

Our mission is to help successful business owners and wealthy families by bringing direction and confidence to the everyday management of their lives. As families accumulate wealth their life becomes more complex and difficult to efficiently manage. BerganKDV Family Office specializes in managing these complexities.

At BerganKDV, we strongly believe the management of a family’s wealth must be planned and managed on an integrated basis. Many families have access to advisors in specific disciplines, such as tax, legal, insurance and investments. However, clients often have to coordinate the activities of all these professionals themselves and explain their circumstances multiple times. The result is an unconnected mix of investments, strategies and services that do not meet the family’s objectives. Our role, as a family office, is to develop an integrated plan, and implement this plan with the family’s team of advisors.

The breadth and depth of experience at BerganKDV Family Office makes us uniquely positioned to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together.  Our process starts by sitting down with a family to discuss their hopes, goals, resources and the constraints and challenges they face. We then discuss what the family needs from their Family Office and, together, we tailor-make a service plan that will work for them.

The services we offer fall into four main categories as shown below.

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