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Business Valuation

Know the value of your business.

Knowing the value of your business is critical to short- and long-term business operations. Whether you’re buying a business, selling part of your operation, developing a succession plan or planning your estate, we have the knowledge and experience to help you to make informed and educated decisions.


BerganKDV offers four main types of business valuation services:

  1. Tax – valuations for tax planning related to estate, charitable gifts, family gifts and business succession.
  2. Business – valuations for mergers and acquisitions, sale of the company, buy-sell agreements or purchasing minority interests. This can extend into assisting in negotiating and/or structuring the transaction for tax consequences.
  3. Litigation – valuations may be required to detail assets for lawsuits involving divorce, partner dispute or economic loss. Experienced assistance in arbitration and mediation is also available.
  4. Banking related – valuations during the loan process or for renewal of a loan, particularly if the loan is backed primarily by cash flow as compared to traditional collateral.