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401(k) & Retirement Plan Advisory Services

BerganKDV helps organizations analyze and manage their 401(k) & retirement plans.

We blend behavioral finance with optimal plan design to create positive outcomes for both the employer and employee.

We maximize the investment you are making to the Plan and to ensure your participants are properly educated to take full advantage of the benefit you are offering. We’ll create a plan that aligns with your corporate goals and objectives and drive bottom line results to your organization.

So, how we do this? Our unique process provides a thorough and balanced analysis of your plan. We stay current on product enhancements and take time to understand which offerings would fit your organization the best. Because we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest, we ensure there are no conflicts of interest, providing you with a partner who is able to mitigate liability risk, save you time and provide peace of mind.

Tried and tested process.

Our clear and concise retirement planning process will leave you confident in your choices. Our process focuses on five key areas:

  1. Plan Design Consultation
  2. Fiduciary Governance
  3. Investment Selection and Monitoring
  4. Participant and Plan Sponsor Education and Communication
  5. Fee Benchmarking and Conducting RFP Searches

Plan Design Consultation – Expert guidance and advice.

An effective retirement plan begins with sound plan design strategy and grows with attentive execution. BerganKDV Retirement Solutions knows design elements impact every aspect of your plan, from investments and recordkeeping, to compliance and communication. In our experience with hundreds of plans, one overlooked design flaw at the outset can cause unnecessary difficulties later.

Fiduciary Governance

Surprisingly, many companies do not know their fiduciary responsibilities under the law. To gain perspective, they reach out to BerganKDV Retirement Solutions for specific direction on how to guard against troublesome and costly liabilities. We help maintain client compliance with the DOL, IRS and other regulatory bodies, and help improve investment opportunities to plan participants through solid governance procedures and prudent documentation.

Investment Selection and Monitoring

As the cornerstone of our practice, BerganKDV Retirement Solutions helps navigate fiduciary responsibility and enhance opportunities for participants through systematic, quantitative and qualitative investment analysis. Through our proprietary Investment Scorecard System, we provide, with pinpoint precision, the assistance you need to select, monitor and evaluate funds within a best practices environment.

Participant and Plan Sponsor Education and Communication

Plan Sponsors shoulder a huge responsibility to keep themselves and their employees informed. Frequent and positive communication to the plan sponsor and the participants benefits everyone in the plan. As a result, participants of our client companies are better informed about asset allocation, risk tolerance and most importantly, better prepared for retirement. Here’s what that looks like:

  • We’ll create an annual education plan to outline a process to educate both plan participants and fiduciaries.
  • Monthly newsletters will be available for both plan sponsors and participants.
  • Four webinars will be scheduled annually for your company’s retirement plan committee members for fiduciary updates.
  • We’ll schedule face to face, one-on-one meetings for all employees with frequency defined by the annual education plan.
  • Individualized retirement and financial planning can be coordinated with either our BerganKDV Individual Wealth Management or Lifewise team depending on needs.

Fee Benchmarking and Conducting RFP Searches

We take a proactive stance to help clients contain fees, expand provider services and enhance investment opportunities with our innovative fee benchmarking process and proprietary e401k Proposal™ System. Our unique process provides a thorough and balanced analysis of your plan. We stay current on product enhancements and take time to understand which offerings would fit your organization best. This process acts to contain costs in your plan in a proactive manner and help fulfill your responsibilities as sponsor.