Winmark Franchise Accounting – Going Local?

When Scott Cline opened his Plato’s Closet franchise in 2011, he chose BerganKDV for his accounting needs.  He was satisfied with our tax and accounting work and was pleased with the services he received.  When Scott was opening his second store, he was approached by a local accountant who offered to provide accounting services at a lower price.  Although we were sad to see him go, we wished Scott well and let him know to contact us if we could ever be of help in the future.  It wasn’t long before Scott discovered the local accountant did not understand his franchise’s DRS reports, did not provide timely month-end closes and Scott had no assurance the final numbers were accurate.  He transitioned to two different local accountants and had a similar experience.  Fast forward to November 2015. Scott now owns four stores and his accounting needs grew in complexity. Now more than ever, it was vital for his business to have accurate and timely accounting services.  He reached out to BerganKDV for assistance to get his 2015 book of business cleaned up and reconciled and made the decision to stay with BerganKDV’s monthly accounting package moving forward.

“I’d say that the level of service at BerganKDV is far above what I’ve received with three local accountants.  Any new bookkeeper or accountant that hasn’t worked with the specific reports at Plato’s Closet will need time to learn a new system. With BerganKDV, we are able to get our books done much faster and easier and we are assured that they are accurate.  The portal for file sharing and hosted QuickBooks makes the bookkeeping process simpler at the end of the month.” – Scott Cline

At BerganKDV we invest in expertise and our franchise specialists have invested time in understanding DRS reports.  Because we work with many Winmark franchisees, we have the background and knowledge to identify things that may be out of order and offer proactive ideas to keep your franchise moving forward.

For more information on our franchise services, contact a BerganKDV Advisor.

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