Who’s Watching: Keep Your Company’s Video Conferencing Platform Away from Hackers

Video communication and collaboration has never been of greater importance to organizations. Gone are the days when video in the workplace was a novelty; it is now not only expected in many instances but a core technology for getting work done.

Unfortunately, in many companies, when it comes to video conferencing, security is often an afterthought. With so much attention paid to protecting client and staff data, it’s easy for organizations to forget about the data being transmitted during meetings and among employees, partners and customers inside and outside of the company.

No one wants to think about the what-if scenario of someone intercepting sensitive information or snooping on a video meeting. However, the increasing volume of data breaches, “man in the middle” attacks and security threats illustrate that organizations should carefully consider whether video communication vendors’ security presets are adequate for the data being transmitted through their services.

At BerganKDV, we offer a secure solution from Lifesize. Over the last few years, Lifesize has built their cloud videoconferencing service from the ground up for security and reliability. A critical component of that redesign is the Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), which provides customers transparency and peace of mind about how the service operates.

In a recent communication from Lifesize, they share the following about how they are using WebRTC protocol to keep the video conferencing platform safe:

  • First, Lifesize wants video conferencing to be accessible to everyone. To accomplish this, WebRTC was an obvious choice and by far the most reliable, proven and well-performing mechanism for delivering a cohesive video conferencing experience across operating systems, devices and browsers supported by Lifesize. Since Lifesize announced support for WebRTC in 2015, it has matured greatly; today nearly all major browsers support WebRTC natively.
  • Second, Lifesize firmly believes openness is good for customers. As with all open source technologies, WebRTC was built (and continues to be improved) in the public, with contributions from thousands of engineers and industry-leading companies like Apple, Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and others. While open source software is not more secure by definition, code that is regularly inspected and tested by multiple entities has been proven to result in more robust, secure technologies.
  • Through WebRTC, Lifesize can deliver a reliable, consistent and secure experience to clients with no ambiguity about how that experience is being engineered and fully expect and encourage them to ask questions about how their service works — as they should with any application or service provider.

Here at BerganKDV, we’ve utilized Lifesize videoconferencing for our staff and client meetings for the past six years. As we continue to grow and expand our geographic footprint, the need for a reliable and safe communication via video is critical for our operations. Want to learn more about how Lifesize can help your organization? Start here



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Industry-leading reliability and an experience designed around ease of use, we provide a proven, modern solution for your mission-critical meetings.

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