When Does a Company Need an ERP System? 

Deciding on whether to invest in something as advanced as an ERP system can feel daunting. It may feel like there is no perfect time to make such a crucial investment, but there are some key indicators to help determine if it’s the right time to make a change. If your business experiences these issues on what feels like a repeat basis, it may be time to consider the need for an ERP system.  

Process Inefficiencies  

Does your business have multiple software that house similar data? Too many systems can lead to many processes inefficiencies and can make it hard to track accurate and timely data. Another factor that can lead to inefficiencies is having too many manual processes that could be automated. Automation streamlines your business model and allows for increased productivity and profits.  

Lack of Reporting 

Are reports a hassle to create? If your business spends too much time compiling data for reports due to your software not providing the information you need, or not knowing where to pull the correct data, you may want to consider an ERP solution. ERP systems can provide a single source of data with automated reporting functionality that make creating reports simple and less time consuming. 

Lack of Timely Data and Business Metrics 

Are metrics such as productivity levels difficult to track down and monitor? Ensuring you can pull actionable and performance related data that’s accurate and available when you need it is key to building an efficient business. An ERP system can provide you with the everyday metrics that make monitoring your business easier. That way you can be sure your employees and the organization as a whole are focusing on the areas that need improvement or can analyze the business areas that are doing well so you can do more of the same.  

Choosing to invest in an ERP system like NetSuite may seem like a difficult decision, but it doesn’t have to be. We at BerganKDV are here to help answer your questions and address your concerns. If you want to learn more about what NetSuite can offer your business, contact us here or download this white paper about several ways Cloud ERP systems help organizations build resilience and agility. 


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