What Is NetSuite BPO? Common Program Myths Debunked

Have you thought about ways to evolve your business operations but are not sure where to start? Maybe you are experiencing process inefficiencies such as disparate data systems or lack of automation. Or perhaps it takes your organization too long to generate reports that pull meaningful data, and you wish you had a better grasp on tracking key business metrics. Whatever the issue is, the solution is most likely going to require an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software upgrade to effectively transform your workflows and processes to achieve long-term efficiencies.

Going through the research, selection and implementation phases of new software can be time-consuming and costly, which is why NetSuite, the world’s leading cloud-based ERP system, created its  NetSuite Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) program.

NetSuite BPO is a great entry point for organizations curious to learn more about the software and experience what the enterprise-level system has to offer. There are a few misconceptions about the program that are important to be aware of.

Here are three of the main myths debunked to give you a better understanding of the program:

MYTH #1:

NetSuite BPO is a dumbed-down version of NetSuite.


NetSuite BPO is a different licensing model but still uses the same industry-leading NetSuite solution.

MYTH #2:

NetSuite BPO isn’t a great option for a growing business.


NetSuite BPO is a wonderful option for businesses experiencing growth; additional capabilities can be implemented as a business expands and requires additional functions such as inventory.

MYTH #3:

NetSuite BPO isn’t affordable.


NetSuite BPO not only offers a lower price point but a faster implementation time than the full version of NetSuite.

At BerganKDV, we offer the NetSuite BPO program and pair it with the advisory of our Financial Accounting Advisory Specialist Team (FAAST) to ensure that your financials are running as smoothly as possible. In addition to the lower cost and shorter time to implement, you also have the ability to go beyond the features of NetSuite BPO and be upgraded to the standard NetSuite platform if needed to ensure future scalability.

That means you can gain a holistic view of your business processes from a centralized platform without data and system silos so that you can have actionable data at your fingertips to make better, more informed decisions across your organization. This solution sets you up for long-term success not only for your finances but your overall operations too, such as your supply chain, HR, e-commerce and manufacturing.

If you have questions about how BerganKDV’s NetSuite BPO offering can transform and empower your business procedures, our team would be happy to help you. Reach out to us to learn more about what our team can do to streamline your financials and drive efficiencies across your business. Let’s have a conversation!


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