What Is a Security Assessment and How Does It Benefit My Business?

Did you know that since 2020, there has been a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes? Cyberattacks and data breaches are detrimental to businesses, often costing large amounts of money, and time, and even taking a hit to an organization’s reputation.

Having proper security measures in place is key to stopping cyber threats and keeping your data out of the hands of criminals. As a business owner, are you aware of how your security protocols would stack up against a potential cyberattack?

How do you know where to invest your time and resources?

Understanding the landscape of where your security standards excel and where you need improvements can better keep your confidential information safe. That is why BerganKDV offers a risk and security assessment to help clients get a better idea of where their organization stands in terms of security strength and overall health.

Curious about what the results could mean for your business? Here are some benefits of partnering with BerganKDV on a security assessment:

  • Helps you assess your security risk in the following areas:
    • Organizational Risk: Potential risks that may be present in your administrative and physical controls, as well as your technical control structure. What company-wide policies and education do you have in place to avoid risk?
    • Vendor Risk: Risks that may be taken on when working with vendors. Do your vendors understand what you expect from them when handling your data? What protocols do they have in place to protect your data? Are they as safe as you are when it comes to information security? Have you opened access for vendors that may be putting you at risk?
    • Employee Risk: Risks that can be present with maintaining employees, specifically the websites and information they may have stored on their business laptops. Do you know what your employees have stored on their computers?
  • Provides a comprehensive measurement of your risk of being exposed to a cyber threat.
  • Gives you a roadmap of the areas of your information security posture with prioritized key objectives.
  • We deliver a detailed report that is tailored to your type of business. It will map the results to many different standards, it may be focused on NIST standards for manufacturing, or perhaps it may be focused on HIPPA or other types of standards depending upon your situation and industry.
  • You will receive a score that will show you how are doing when compared to other organizations in your field.

Keeping an organization protected from security threats requires all employees to do their part and minimize risk. Not knowing where your security efforts are lacking can create blind spots for cyber criminals to act. Protect your data by recognizing your security gaps and resolving them for the future.

Want to learn more about the makeup of your company’s security? Take BerganKDV’s free mini-assessment here. This will provide you with a baseline look at potential threats and opportunities in your technology and organizational infrastructure. If you have additional questions about the benefits of the full risk and security assessment and how it can protect your organization, contact us today and our cybersecurity experts will assist you.

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