Unlock Your Team’s Inner Genius: The Importance of Assessing Employee Strengths and Weaknesses

Achieving productivity in the workplace is deeper than implementing efficient processes. It’s the people of an organization that make it run, and for it to run smoothly requires ensuring that your people are in the right positions to complete their best work. Many times, organizations place people in roles based on their skillset alone but fail to dig deeper to discover a team member’s true strengths.

By effectively identifying your employee’s business strengths and weaknesses, you can unlock the genius within your teams and clearly view the areas that need improvement. Here are some helpful ways your organization can better assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses to transform their work habits and improve overall productivity:

  • Be cognizant of team failures and successes. Work with employees to help them understand why they were successful or unsuccessful in past endeavors.
  • Clarify with employees what types of work bring them joy and energy, and which types are draining and difficult to complete.
  • Foster an environment where employees feel confident being open and honest about their strengths and weaknesses in conversations with their managers so that they can do work that is fulfilling.
  • Encourage team members not to feel guilty over struggling with certain types of work. Instead, have them partner with a team member whose strengths align better with the task.

Another way to identify what areas your team members more quickly accel is by participating in a facilitated assessment. For our local Cedar Rapids, IA clients, our BerganKDV Business Advisory team is hosting an upcoming  workshop titled “The 6 Types of Working Genius.” At the session, BerganKDV will partner with organizations to help them uncover what types of geniuses their teams are comprised of based on employee strengths and weaknesses.

The assessment is an opportunity for organizations to gain a holistic view of the range of geniuses on their teams, where their passions intersect and where gaps arise that may need addressing. The goal of the assessment isn’t to compare personality traits, but to determine how an employee’s specific strengths fit within your organization and optimize how your teams collaborate with one another. That way, your organization is equipped to make quick adjustments to roles and responsibilities to better utilize one another’s strengths and avoid each other’s weaknesses.

Employees that understand their work genius come to work happier, collaborate more effectively with others and are more efficient. If you feel that your organization’s productivity is slacking, this workshop is a great chance to address it head-on, while learning valuable insights that have the potential to positively transform the way in which your teams work together.

Interested in learning more about “The 6 Types of Working Genius” workshop and the rest of the yearlong series? Check out this link for event details and registration.

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