Are You Being Told by Your Payroll Implementation Team to Stop Selling?

Déjà vu for payroll sales professionals around the country is occurring once again this year.  The same story takes place each spring and summer when thousands of long exhausting hours are spent by sales leaders and reps developing marketing campaigns, attending networking events, completing call blitzs’ and pretty much every activity you can think of to generate leads.

As we move into fall, those activities are starting to pay off and the crazy stretch goal quota that your boss and the crystal ball came up with at the beginning of the year is now actually within reach as you have signed a number of nice deals.

In October, something strange has happened in the universe.  Perhaps it is the Harvest moon, but prospects who were impossible to connect with (and you may have thought about calling a search party to look for) only weeks ago are now contacting you to buy.  And, THEY WANT TO START RIGHT AWAY!

While the above sounds like a sales and marketing success story, unfortunately it doesn’t have a pleasant ending. By November, your implementation team is overwhelmed with year-end deployments and you are now being told “we are full and can’t handle any more business”.  Prospects that you have hours and hours invested in are dropping out of your pipeline as they seek a provider that can meet their go live requirements, even though they may not be the better provider or a good match for their business.  Millions of dollars of revenue is lost or delayed each year due to this problem costing both the business and the salesperson money. What’s worse, a sizeable percentage of the customers that filled your implementation capacity will not get you their information accurately or on-time which takes up valuable resources that could’ve been used on the other groups who went elsewhere.

There is a solution in BerganKDV’s Project Tracker Application.

In order to stop saying “we can’t” to prospects who want to buy from you, implementation teams need a tool designed for the payroll industry that can increase the amount of implementations they can complete without adding to the headcount. Project tracker will give you a single source of truth for all implementations and it will drive standardization and provide real-time visibility into your projects to ensure key initiatives are staying on task for both your internal team and the customer.  Project Tracker allows you to get things done right the first time and on time


For More information on this game changing app or to request a product demonstration:

Contact Matt Lovitz


Project Tracker highlights:

Easily monitor your projects from the project tracker dashboard.

Project Page.  A unique portal for all activities to be managed related to the project.





Project Tasks.  A dynamic project timeline that can be updated by individual team members with a few clicks of a mouse

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