Show Your Prospects You Can Deliver with Project Tracker

Let’s face it, most of the customers we approach have had a bad software deployment experience that we have to overcome in order to earn their business.  Whether it be an ERP deployment or a payroll/HRIS implementation gone wrong, customers today want to “see” that you can execute on their requirements in a timely and accurate manner.  No longer is verbal assurance or outdated tools like Excel spreadsheets, Dropbox or Google docs creating the confidence that decision makers need from us.

By implementing BerganKDV’s Project Tracker application, your implementation team will drive standardization and increase efficiency and your sales team will be able to use this tool to differentiate you from the competition.  When asked “tell me about the implementation process”, your sales professionals can easily pull up Project Tracker to actually show how this tool holds both teams accountable ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the project and working towards the same goals.

Expectations, accountability and communication are the key ingredients for any successful project.

Project Tracker will help your organization win more work, increase the number of customers you can handle without the need to add headcount and have greater client satisfaction.

Tracking Tools.  Easily monitor your projects from the project tracker dashboard.


Project Page.  A unique portal for all activities to be managed related to the project.


Project Tasks.  A dynamic project timeline that can be updated by individual team members with a few clicks of a mouse


For More information on this game changing app or to request a product demonstration:

Contact Matt Lovitz

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