The Real Business Case for Project Tracker

Payroll implementation team leaders around the country have spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars trying to improve the way their implementation team members keep their new customer informed during an implementation project.  Let’s also remember the cost we have as an organization to acquire that customer.

Items like how to properly recap key conversations, communicating timelines, scheduling training, getting information from the customer by the due date and keeping the customer informed (all the way up to the C-level) are constantly reviewed and trained on.

Yet after all this effort, deadlines are still missed, implementations are chaotic and the customer is still left wondering “where we are” in most cases and often aren’t happy.

While everyone on planet earth can improve their communication skills, the reality is there is far too much to communicate to a customer during a payroll, timekeeping and HR implementation project without a proper collaboration tool.  And, we set our team members and our company up for failure by asking them to do this without one.

Two Entirely Different Experiences:

Below are two pieces of customer feedback that have been shared with us by a company that recently implemented Project Tracker.  Each customer was implementing the same services, using the same implementation team member, was located in the same geographic region and have roughly the same employee count.

Note – we have paraphrased the feedback we were provided for illustration and confidentiality purposes.

Client A:

This implementation has been one of the best and easiest implementations we have ever done in our organization.  I say that being here over 10 years and implementing several different payroll platforms.   We knew exactly what to expect, when to expect it and had a clear picture of where we were at in the process at all times. 

 Symptoms of the Above:

  • Project Tracker Online Implementation Survey and change requests were used
  • Project / tasks status was managed in Project Tracker and visible to both the customer and service provider team members
  • Weekly touch point meetings occurred to review the weekly task list

Client B:

“I am extremely disappointed with the migration process to this new system.  We have no idea where we are at and what is expected of us.  I know that I need to schedule supervisor and employee trainings.  When can we expect these?  These should’ve been on the calendar weeks ago.  Please call me to discuss.” 

Symptoms of the Above:

  • This implementation was deployed before they started using Project Tracker
  • Project Tracker was not used for the online implementation survey
  • No weekly touch point meetings occurred

Project Tracker Works!

BerganKDV’s Project Tracker is a tool built for Payroll Service companies that provides a single source truth for all of your projects.

Tracking Tools.  Easily monitor your projects from the project tracker dashboard.

Project Page.  A unique portal for all activities to be managed related to the project.

Project Tasks.  A dynamic project timeline that can be updated by individual team members with a few clicks of a mouse

For More information on this game changing app or to request a product demonstration:

Contact Matt Lovitz

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