Why Payroll Implementations Fail!

If you’ve worked on a payroll implementation, you should recognize this scenario: 

You’ve been assigned a new project.  You identify team members, hold meetings and the emails start flying!

Soon, a few important documents emerge and they get passed around via email.  Within a couple of weeks and a few hundred emails people feel overwhelmed.  Their inbox is now filled with many different versions of the same information with no clear idea of which they should be using.  Additionally, there is confusion throughout the team. “Are we implementing on January 1st or February 1st?”  “Hours Based or Per Pay Period Based Vacation Accruals”.  “Are we on track or off track”.  Email is an inefficient document distribution system and using outdated tools like Excel spreadsheets, Dropbox or Google docs is costing your organization time and money.

BerganKDV’s Project Tracker is a tool built for Payroll Service companies that provides a single source truth for all of your projects.  It drives standardization, increases efficiency and provides real-time visibility into your projects and team members to ensure key initiatives are staying on task.

More often than not, it isn’t a single event that leads to a product failure.  It is usually a set of entwined problems that fall into two categories.

  1. Things the team did do, but were completed at the last minute and caused a fire drill that affected other areas of the project.
  2. Things the team didn’t do.

Project Tracker can eliminate both of these problems and will allow you to monitor your projects with an easy to use dashboard.


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