Are You Outgrowing Your Accounting Software?

BerganKDV is solving this problem for our customers as the shift to cloud software surges.

Thousands of the small businesses we work with are pushing past the functionality of their current accounting software.  The decision to implement their current system was a good one years ago, but the business needs of GL platforms have changed.  Running your business on QuickBooks® desktop or a stagnant on-premise software should not be your aspiration as you are likely spending more time calculating things via Excel outside of the system than inside the software.  These manual processes and lack of visibility are an inefficient roadblock that is inhibiting your ability to grow and worse costing you money.

Having the right financial software in place that can scale to your operation and keep you profitable is vital for your company to compete in the coming years.

A more robust cloud accounting software can improve on the following short comings of your current software.

  • Provide a web-based software vs. an on-premise desktop or server version: This will improve security, reliability, scalability and access.
  • Have a more powerful reporting engine at your fingertips: Give you the ability to have more flexible, customizable, robust financial reports along with KPIs, charts and graphs.
  • Eliminate performance issues and support: Challenges accessing the file, your file getting too large, corrupted, etc.
  • No longer will you need to manually deploy or spend money on upgrades that provide little value for the cost: New features and functionality are added to the software automatically and your software will always on the latest version.
  • A better alternative than QuickBooks® Online: Our web-based software has the features QuickBooks® online is lacking.

If you haven’t take the time to review your current financial software options in the past twelve months, invest an hour of time with one of our Accounting Software Consultants.  We are confident you will be exposed to 1-3 things you haven’t thought of that will impact your company.

Contact us here to setup a discussion.

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