Orthodontic Practice Statistics Provide Benchmarks on Operating Costs and Income

The 2017 orthodontic statistics have been compiled by a team of BerganKDV accountants to help practitioners see how they stack up with their peers on metrics such as average income before owner compensation, fees received and a wage and fee survey.

For more than 30 years, dentists and orthodontists have been providing data on their practice revenues and costs. This data is compiled into a personalized report for participating dental and orthodontic professionals to help them gauge their practice management.

“We sit down with our clients after the data has been compiled to review areas of strength and weakness,” said BerganKDV CPA and dental and orthodontic practice specialist Jamie Katz, “We alternate every other year to show our dentists and our orthodontists the figures in the form of high-low ranges, averages and comparisons to previous years. We cover trends we are seeing in the industry and come up with a game plan for each of our individual clients based on their results.”

More generalized data is provided to bankers, brokers and other consultants who request it to better understand and serve the dental and orthodontic community. Included in the report is also a 2017 wage and fee survey compiled by Bill Rossi, president of Advanced Practice Management. His team is actively involved with more than 250 dental offices throughout the upper Midwest.

Want to learn more about the report? Start here by filling out the form below!

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