Why Office 365 & SharePoint? Because Your Competitors Are Likely Already There!

Microsoft’s Office 365 is becoming the standard for small to medium sized companies.   It has a tight tie up with the Office Suite and provides you with online Outlook, Exchange and SharePoint Online.

More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint and with the advent of Office 365, Microsoft is redefining organizational productivity for small businesses.  It now goes beyond email and office docs to include collaborative functions such as online meetings, tools like Skype and portals with SharePoint.  This is an opportunity for organizations to correct the chaos created by organic growth and department driven silos.

For the first time small to medium organizations have a platform to create an organizational hub structure which can transform their operations.


Most businesses we talk with have built a monster over time that is hurting their business from a cost, use, support and functionality perspective.  It is harder to do business inside most organizations than outside.

Systems and processes driven by individual departments have made it harder to do business and many small businesses currently navigate a “hairball” of business processes and software every day.

Office 365

The fastest growing companies are not only eliminating on-premise email and file sharing, but they see a bigger role for Office 365 / SharePoint as an organizational hub.  This provides a single platform for employees and a central point for:

  • Communication – news, events, announcements
  • Documents and forms – policies, procedures, etc.
  • Request services from departments (helpdesk)
  • Access business processes – time-off, travel, expenses, etc.
  • Sharing knowledge, tips and competitive information
  • Mobile access anytime, anywhere
  • Online meetings messaging and chat
  • Consistent experience across departments
  • Department team portals

It is clear Microsoft is transforming its Office Suite domination and taking it much further by turning it into an organizational ecosystem for every employee with core functions on a common interface.  BerganKDV’s Cloud team can help your organization not only implement Office 365 and SharePoint, but also deploy additional apps that can add value to your business.

Office 365 2

Contact our Cloud team to learn how we can make your workforce more productive! 

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