New User Interface Reshapes the Future of Human Capital Management

K-Pay has unveils next-generation user interface

BerganKDV, one of the largest payroll providers in the Midwest, shares one of the most-anticipated launches. K-Pay, a next-generation user interface is set to reshape the future of Human Capital Management.

The innovation allows organizations too:

  • Work their way with the industry’s top fully responsive UI, allowing managers and employees unprecedented and customizable control over how they consume information with one-click actions and collaborative viewing from any device (mobile, tablet, desktop, flat screen), empowering employees, and remove burdensome administrative tasks from managers;
  • Work smarter by transforming the role of frontline managers through increased access and visibility to optimize workforce operations while delivering strategic insights in real-time; and
  • Work in a modern cloud leveraging the D5 platform, the industry’s first specifically designed human capital management cloud platform with an open API, foundational AI, and lightning fast in-memory computing to meet the challenges of today’s growing businesses.

If you are in need of a new HR, Timekeeping or Payroll software and / or Outsourced Payroll Processing, please reach out to BerganKDV. Contact us here.

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