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Meet a Team Member – Joe Betzold

June 1, 2018 | BerganKDV Team

J BetzoldMeet Joe Betzold! He’s a Technology Account Manager who loves connecting with our clients to help them make sound technology decisions for the future. On any given day you may find him in our St. Cloud office or on the road visiting clients. Read on to learn more about Joe!

What are some of the more important lessons you’ve learned in your career? 

Don’t be afraid to try something new; Always do the right thing.

Why did you go into technology? What brought you to this career and what do you like most about it?

I grew up with technology in the home and always gravitated to new tech. From a very early age I recall crawling in the ceilings and helping my dad pull network cable throughout our house (before Wi-Fi was readily available). I always thought about working in IT, but never thought of myself as technician (my in-laws may disagree). The Technology Account Manager position is a perfect fit as I get to interact with people and discuss how IT can better their business.

If you weren’t a Technology Account Manager, what would you be? 

I always say that if I won the lottery I would open a woodshop. My tool collection and completed project list (thanks to my wife browsing Pinterest!) has grown over the past few years. It’s a hobby I really enjoy and would love to spend more time improving my craftsmanship.

Why BerganKDV? What differentiates this firm for you? 

Although our offices are spread out, it doesn’t change the feel of BerganKDV being a smaller company. At any time, I can pick up the phone and speak to the leaders of the firm. Everyone is accessible and there are no closed doors.

If BerganKDV were an animal, what animal would it be?

A loon seems fitting. They are fierce, smart, travel up to 700 miles in a single day, and extremely awkward on land. We are all a bunch of nerds…

What advice would you give someone getting out of school right now?

Learn the differences between managers and leaders. When you spot a leader, gravitate towards them and learn from them.

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