Why Manage Your Projects Online?

We are all creatures of habit and we don’t like change, however the outdated tools that were used in the past like Excel, Word, online spreadsheets, Outlook calendar appointments or Google Docs no longer work today.  And, if you are still using these your competitors are going to separate themselves from you soon if they haven’t already.

When talking with business leaders we often get the question “Why should we manage our projects online?”.   It is probably one of the most common questions we hear and the answer is because the consequences of not doing so poses one of the greatest risks to your business.

Below are a few of the top reasons the fastest growing companies today are now managing their projects online:

Dynamic Real-Time Schedules, Timelines and Milestones:

Hours are spent by project team leaders preparing visuals in the outdated tools mentioned above.  This works fine, until something changes and the whole timeline needs to be manually re-worked and then distributed.  Not only does this take time that the project leader could be spending elsewhere, it is certain that a couple of key team members will not have the latest version of the timeline and will not be in sync with the new plan for the project.

Project / Task Deliverables:  

Communicating critical paths, dependencies, charts, assigning accountabilities and being able to get this into the hands of each team member, in a way they can understand, is very hard when done manually.  Additionally, as soon as something changes, the whole project and task list will need to be re-worked.


The more team members involved in a project, the more versions of the truth you will find.  Having an online portal to allow team members to always access the same information will help them work better together and the success of your project will greatly increase.

Sharing of Documents:

If you don’t have an online portal for team members to access key information, how can you be sure they are working with the latest version? If you are working with sensitive information, emailing (even if you think it’s secure) is never a best practice.  Upload it to a portal where all team members can access securely and be working with the same data set.

Save Your Inbox:

People are overwhelmed with the amount of emails they get.  Email is a terrible document distribution and collaboration system, but we all abuse it every day.  If you are relying on email to collaborate on a project your team members are going to constantly interrupted with emails they shouldn’t be viewing.  Additionally, key information will likely get lost or out of sync.


Implementations managed online get completed much faster which in many cases this will allow your company to start receiving revenue more quickly.  In addition, it will allow your team members to have additional capacity they don’t today due to working smarter and not harder.

Project Tracker Works!

Implementing BerganKDV’s Project Tracker App will provide a tremendous ROI for the dollars and time invested.

BerganKDV’s Project Tracker is a tool built for payroll service companies that provides a single source of truth for all of your projects.

Tracking Tools.  Easily monitor your projects from the project tracker dashboard.

 Project Page.  A unique portal for all activities to be managed related to the project.

Project Tasks.  A dynamic project timeline that can be updated by individual team members with a few clicks of a mouse

For More information and to explore your ROI please contact Matt Lovitz from our Cloud Applications team.

Matt Lovitz

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