Looking For A Better Way To Manage Projects In Your Company?

Projects, tasks and due dates. Every organization has them and most projects have thousands, if not millions, of dollars of revenue riding on their successful completion.

With the stakes this high, we often wonder why so many companies leave the management of these important activities to paper checklists and Excel spreadsheets.  Which provides you no process and no oversight.

BerganKDV’s Project Tracking App is a simple yet effective project management tool designed for organizations that need to track many small to medium projects in a single portal.

It includes the following:

  • Quick project setup
  • Task management
  • Issue tracking
  • Project super views
  • And More!

Whether you are tracking internal projects or external client related projects, this application can help your team focus on the project and not administrative activities.  It can be setup in minutes allowing project managers to roll up projects status in a single view and drill down on each project to view all tasks, issues, time logs, email correspondence and documents.  Team members can view and access and update their work (tasks, issues, documents, etc.) in a single work activities page.  Visual KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and progress bars also provide an overview of status and progress.

Key Features

Project Team CollabProject Team collaboration and process automation, including tasks, issues, calendars, scheduling, discussions and document tracking

Project Task TemplatesProject Task Templates – create reusable task templates to speed up project definition and drive process consistency

Track Multiple ProjectsTrack multiple projects in a single site. See overall status across projects and narrow in on all project activities. See overdue tasks, high priority issues and documents and email correspondance

Client Project TrackingClient Project Tracking allows project tracking by client and tracking costs for billing purposes

Flexible Status KPIFlexible Status KPI and Dashboard Views provide visibility and more measurement. Export project information to Excel for easy reporting

Simple Knowledge BaseSimple Knowledge Base supports knowledge sharing, procedure implementation and saves time by reducing redundant analysis work

Role BasedRole-based navigation, menus and forms. Permissions organized by project groups. Give the Project Team access to only what they need.

100 Customizable100% customizable. Add web parts like Weather, Stock Ticker, Polls and more. Add your logo, graphics and branding, or let our Branding Service create elements that match your corporate brand. Include additional document libraries and lists as needed.

We provide free demonstrations so you can see this app in action. Contact us using the the form below to set up a time.


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