Is Disparate Data Dragging You Under?

As your business continues to evolve, many times you add software that provides insights for each department. You need to track your financials so you install QuickBooks, the Sales team wants a robust CRM system so you invest in Salesforce, the list can go on for project managementinventory, customer support and all the other business areas that have specific software needs. The insights provided by each software are helpful from a department perspective but having so many systems in place may detract you from long-term data needs and goals. Disparate data can drag your company under and prohibit you from your fullest potential. Here are a couple of signs that it may be time to invest in a more comprehensive ERP system and leave your long list of systems behind. 

Difficult to Track Data 

Finding the data you need to make sound business decisions should be simple, but with data coming in from numerous systems, it can be a challenging and time-consuming task. If you are having a difficult time tracking down specific data, whether it’s inventory information, order status, projects, contracts, etc. it may be time to invest in an ERP system like NetSuite, that houses this data in one place.  

Reporting Issues 

Creating reports shouldn’t be a hassle, but instead should be reliable and accessible. Reporting can be difficult when data is being pulled in and compiled from various systems.  If you are spending more time trying to fix inconsistencies within your reports instead of analyzing the data and learning from it, your long list of systems isn’t helping your business succeed. 

Finding the Truth 

As in all businesses, there will be days when things go wrong. Having a consolidated data system can provide you with accurate answers and a better understanding of an issue when errors arise. With numerous systems, it may be hard to determine what went wrong, who was involved, and why the issue occurred. When things go south, having the information you need so that your business can react and adjust is crucial. 

If any of the above issues feel all too familiar to your business, it may be time to consider an ERP solution like NetSuite. Of course, there is no perfect solution that can do everything for every team member, but NetSuite was built to run your entire business, not just a segment. If you are curious to learn more about NetSuite, our expert team at BerganKDV is here for you. Contact us with your questions or check out this webinar for additional details about NetSuite functionality.  


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