IRS Expands Identity Protection Program to All Taxpayers

The IRS recently announced that it is expanding its Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) opt-in program.  The IP PIN is a six-digit number that taxpayers use on their tax return to help prevent fraudulent tax return filings.  This program was initially focused on those who had already fallen victim to identity theft (those taxpayers already receive an IP PIN from the IRS), but the recent announcement by the IRS will enable all individual taxpayers to apply for an IP PIN.

Starting in January 2021, taxpayers can apply for an IP PIN online at  Once the authentication process is passed by the taxpayer, they will get their IP PIN.  The IP PIN can also be applied for by filing Form 15227, or by visiting a Taxpayer Assistance Center.

Once issued, the IP PIN is valid for one year.  After it is issued keep the IP PIN secure and do not provide it to those claiming to be the IRS in a phone call, email, or fax.  The IRS will never ask for the IP PIN.

Taxpayers wanting more protection from identity should consider getting an IP PIN.

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