The Insanity of New Hire Orientation

Let’s spend a few moments reflecting on the last time you took an employee through new hire orientation.  During the process, there was paperwork, policies and procedures that needed to be reviewed in order to comply and the process is nothing short of painful.  However, there is something far worse that is plaguing most HR departments today.  My challenge to you is whether you have ever actually counted the number of systems you ask your employees to access to obtain their human resources, time tracking and payroll information?

The answer to this question in most businesses is far too many.

Below is an example we still see far too often today.


In 2017, it is insane that most companies we visit with are using more than five separate systems to manage their workforce.

This is why studies from Forrester Research result in “The average HR Department devoting up to 80% of its time to the administration involved in Benefits, HR and Payroll Management”.

A Solution:

K-Pay – BerganKDV’s Cloud Workforce Management solution contains all the above functionality in one system with zero interfaces.  Whether you employ the entire suite of applications or deploy a single solution, we give you the tools to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and increase employee engagement.

Example Employee Self-Service in K-Pay:

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