Innovations Drive Record HR Growth

BerganKDV’s Payroll Division Shares Promising Fiscal Q2 Results

BerganKDV’s Payroll Division approaches mid-year (fiscal July 1 – June 30) recording one of its highest K-Pay implementation rates in any single quarter. Since July 1, BerganKDV has added 123 organizations throughout the Midwest. The group acknowledges that many of the sign ups are a result of clients migrating away from their current payroll providers in search of a more scalable, single database solution.

K-Pay, which combines the power of workforce management with human resources, talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, benefits and compensation, and payroll into one unified cloud platform, continues to be the fastest growing part of the payroll business.

In addition to the software, BerganKDV provides experienced professionals to complete Outsourced Payroll Processing, tax filings, Quarterlies, W-2’s and ACA Compliance.

“We are excited that organizations are starting to understand the value of an application like K-Pay. The speed of business eliminates the freedom to utilize multiple resources let alone multiple systems. Businesses can no longer withstand system errors causing payroll tax penalties and interest (along with re-work), multiple employee records that don’t match and an unengaged workforce. With K-Pay we are truly changing the Human Capital Management industry and we are positioned for many years of success.” says Lee Roberts, BerganKDV Partner.

Additional innovations are on the roadmap for K-Pay, one of which is the enhancement of their user interface. As of right now, clients who opt in for the full suite solution experience the benefits of new product releases, including:

  • Employee Perspectives that leverages metric-backed scorecards to provide real-time feedback and performance management specifically for frontline workers;
  • Succession Planning via a talent matrix dashboard to identify and groom top talent to reach the next level in their careers;
  • Position Management to help organizations better manage employees who work multiple roles while providing clearer visibility into recruiting and staffing needs; and
  • Predictive scheduling compliance to help remove guesswork from schedule stability regulations arising in more states and municipalities, such as in San Francisco and Seattle.

For more information regarding quarterly statistics or to explore how K-Pay features can advance your business, contact us today!

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