Improving How We Improve – Sharing the BerganKDV Lean Journey

There are various methods and tools that we can use to solve problems and complete projects in an organized way. As our business evolves, our people, processes and technology demand the need for a structured approach to process improvement for sustained growth and success.

Using a hub-and-spoke model, BerganKDV is implementing the Lean process improvement philosophy that will help us be more effective in our daily operations and in reaching our company’s long-term goals. The foundation of the program involves a centralized office (the “hub”) and an Innovation team comprised of Champions representing different areas of the business (the “spoke”), partnering with their respective business area to improve processes that will create greater value to those we serve.

This is a simple, yet structured approach to the way we manage the business.  Fostering this culture of forward-thinking will empower our team members to share a problem (a waste) they may find in their process, correct an ongoing error, and suggest a better way to do things.

The firm-wide effort will remove wastes, drive efficiencies, and streamline business practices. In launching this initiative, we understand there is an important balance to uphold, keeping our company’s core values at the center of this new model and keeping our primary focus on our clients and our team members. Establishing a strong mindset around Lean methodology and embracing this way of thinking will allow us to better adapt to future business changes and challenges. By being consistent in this systematic approach, it will ensure everyone is on the same page with a given process and knows what needs to be accomplished to resolve inefficiencies so that our clients and teammates can thrive.

Keep in mind that this is not about changing just for the sake of change.  This is a purposeful strategy with the intent of achieving positive results and more optimal outcomes for our firm.  The program will be deliberate with continual improvements, from the smallest of small to the biggest of big. Here’s an overview of what we aim to accomplish with our Business Process Improvement program:

  • We will educate and inform our team members through a Lean methodology
  • We will ignite a passion for Lean by cultivating the adoption of a continuous improvement culture through a systematic and structured program
  • We will empower fellow team members to improve processes so we are able to drive consistent and standard operational efficiencies and achieve measurable results

Adopting this enhanced approach across an entire firm is no simple task. It will require immense collaboration, communication and openness among all team members to make a difference. BerganKDV strongly revolves around the idea of perpetual learning and improving, which means we’re well-positioned to start this endeavor.

As our Lean process implementation progresses, I will continue sharing insights and tactics. From the motivational speaker Les Brown, “Perfection does not exist, you can always do better, and you can always grow.” Wise words to highlight the importance of Lean, but let’s add one additional word–we can always do better, and we can always grow together.

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