How Utilizing Custom Forms Can Add Efficiencies to Your HCM Processes

Even with the massive shifts to paperless processes over the last several years,  it seems like the Human Resource team is part of the business that can never escape from an overabundance of paperwork. In a previous post, I discussed how to use HR Actions in K-Pay to help with streamlining paperwork and HR processes. But what if you need a specific form filled out for a vendor or signed for compliance? One option is to see if your HCM system has the ability to customize forms. The software we implement for clients is K-Pay, which helps to eliminate paper and add efficiencies to key areas in your HR processes.

At its most basic level, custom forms allow K-Pay users to create fillable forms inside the system that employees and managers can complete and electronically submit for processing.  Beyond just being fillable though, the system can also pull information to pre-fill forms.  So, if you have a form that an employee needs to complete, and the form also requires their name, and address, you can pre-fill those details so that the employee only has to fill in the sections that the system doesn’t have already stored. This saves you and your employees time and creates a more efficient process for completing forms.

Using custom forms in K-Pay also allows you to easily retrieve and compile responses into reports along with other employee information from the system.  In addition to simplifying the creation of reports, these forms can be attached to checklists and HR Actions to expand their usefulness even further. There are a multitude of uses to custom forms, they can be utilized for handbook signoffs, wellness plan enrollment, United Way contributions and more.  If your HR team has forms that require being filled out in a specific manner, custom forms may be the answer to your needs.

If you’re a K-Pay client with the HR module, you already have access to custom forms.  If you have questions about K-Pay or need help getting started with custom forms, our payroll support team at BerganKDV is here to help. Contact us with your questions. For current K-Pay clients, stay tuned for an upcoming webinar in May where our payroll team will share additional information about using this functionality. More details coming soon! If you do not have K-Pay but are interested in what it can do for your business, you can request a free system demo here.

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