Hold Your Employees, Managers and Customers Accountable With Project Tracker

Running a project in an organization (whether internal or one that involves your customer) is a huge challenge no matter how you slice it.  Setting proper expectations, keeping team members on the same page, communicating changes and holding people accountable is nearly impossible without a proper tool.    Yet, it seems most organizations set their team members to fail by asking them to use antiquated processes like paper checklists or Excel spreadsheets.

You don’t have to think very long to recall the last time you walked down the hall or picked up the phone to call each team member working on a project for status updates on their tasks.  Everything was on track.  They were all working on the same version of the timeline.  There were no risks or issues to worry about.  And, they all had the same information, right?

The reality is, projects today are more complex than ever and the above scenario never happens.  You find out about issues at the last minute and are forced into reactive crisis management.

BerganKDV’s Cloud App Team has developed a project management application that provides a single source truth for all of your projects.  It drives standardization, increases efficiency, and provides real-time visibility into your projects and team members to ensure key initiatives are staying on task. Allowing you to get things done right the first time and on time!

Tracking Tools:

o   Easily monitor your projects from the project tracker dashboard.


Project Page:

o   A unique portal for all activities to be managed related to the project. 


Project Tasks:

o   A dynamic project timeline that can be updated by individual team members with a few clicks of a mouse.


For More Information on this Game Changing App or a Product Demonstration:

Contact Matt Lovitz

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